Zac Patsalides is a multimedia contemporary artist, exploring the qualities of glass, light and colour. His work is influenced by nature.


“In my mind these are symbols of the divine” - Zac Patsalides


Cyanotypes, the oldest photographic printing method, have been introduced into new modern contexts by Zac. He pioneered a method to print onto large sheets of toughened glass rather than the conventional method of printing onto paper. The finished pieces of art are then framed with LED backlighting, creating a one-of-a-kind wall sculpture with unfathomable beauty and depth that also adds ambient light to your home or place of business.


The cyanotype process is the earliest photographic printing process. Invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. The process involves exposing photosensitive iron to UV light. The chemical reaction creates Prussian blue. The first ever synthesised blue. Cyanotypes were first used artistically by Anna Atkins in 1843; she produced a book of fern prints. They were widely used in Victorian Britain for reproducing architectural plans, hence the name blueprint. Despite being the earliest photographic technique, Cyanotypes are archival.

“They’re outrageously gorgeous. I’ve always felt a duty to invoke a sense of awe with my work. To bring about a meditative state in the view is a success in my eyes. ”

Zac patsalides