British born Zac Patsalides is a Multimedia contemporary artist.

Zac currently studies Fine Art at Camberwell College of the Arts (2020-2023) and has exhibited his work in London.

Since the pandemic, he has immersed himself in the process of working with glass, light and alternative printing techniques. He combines Victorian processes with contemporary machinery and lighting.


  • 2023: Group Exhibition, Dilston Gallery, London, UK
  • 2022: Group Exhibition, APT Gallery, London, UK.
  • 2022: R06m, Tola, London, UK

Awards & Features

  • 2019: Fine Art Photography Awards, 3rd Place
  • 2018: Chromatic Awards, Honourable Mention
  • 2017: On The Road, Bike Magazine UK, Inspired Eye
  • 2016: On the Road, Solo Show
  • 2015: Asian Geographic Youth Photographer of the Year

Artist Statement

Zac Patsalides is a contemporary, multimedia artist, exploring the qualities of glass, light and colour. His work revolves around the idea that symmetry, geometry and sequences within nature are linked to the divine. Zac studies natural subjects such as butterflies, flowers and shells, capturing them on macro level to reveal all their unique patterns that are inherently derived from growth. In Zac’s eyes, these natural wonders are the manifestations of the divine in the material world. 

To present artefacts that could be considered sacrosanct, it is important to do so in way that adds to or exemplifies their beauty; glass was chosen specifically for this purpose. It allows light to pass through. It brings a richness of colour. It’s sculptural, reflective and glossy. The works, often illuminated from behind, give the impression that they are stained glass windows. However, instead of the traditional religious subjects, Zac’s depictions are more akin with the spiritual and natural. 

Zac’s process involves using cyanotypes, which is one of the earliest photographic printing processes. The primary colour in his work is Prussian blue. Blue is a mystical colour; the colour of the skies and the sea. It’s the lost light that never makes it from the Sun. It’s the colour of distance. The deep blues, coupled with the glass and light create artworks that you can get lost in. They’re meditative. They’re designed to invoke awe in the viewer. To force them into the present. Zac’s work seamlessly combines Victorian era techniques with contemporary lighting and printing.